The Center for Christian Growth

There’s no neutral in the Christian life

There is no neutral in the christian life.

The Center for Christian Growth (CCG) exists to cultivate the spiritual and leadership development of believers through Christ-centered learning experiences.
Whether it’s live or online classes, Bible studies, leadership training, or resources to move you forward in the Christian life, you will find it at CCG. Think of the CCG as a one-stop-shop for all of Christ Chapel’s educational opportunities.

Growing strong:

Rooted and Built Up in Christ

– Launching Spring 2021 –

Whether you are a brand new Christian, or a long-time Christian wanting to revisit the fundamentals of following Christ, this class is for you. In this 11-week course you will learn how to study the Bible and memorize Scripture, how to cultivate a consistent prayer life, how to share your faith, and the importance of obedience in the Christian life.

  • Worship: To worship God in every area of life
  • Community: To connect with others in biblical community
  • Service: To serve others sacrificially
  • Discipleship: To grow in Christlikeness
  • Evangelism: To actively share your faith

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey –  seasoned or brand new – it’s beneficial to go back to the foundations



To help you grow, we’re dedicated to teaching the Bible in a way that’s Monday-morning relevant and that connects to every aspect of your life. We have four different categories of classes to choose from, so take a look and see which one is the right fit for you!

  • Band of Brothers
    A men’s Bible study covering books of the Bible and life topics.
  • Women in the Word
    A women’s Bible study walking through books of the Bible and faith topics.
  • Sages
    A Life Stage 6 class at the Fort Worth Campus.
  • Harvesters
    A Life Stage 5 class at the Fort Worth Campus.
  • Singularity
    A gathering for single adults in their 40s and beyond.
  • Renew
    A Sunday class for adults at the Fort Worth Campus.
  • Ignite
    A Sunday class and gathering for young parents at the Fort Worth Campus.
  • AveNEW
    Whether you’re married, engaged or almost there, Ave NEW helps you discover God’s mission for your relationship.
  • Old Testament Survey
    In Old Testament Survey you’ll discover the unfolding story of God’s great love book by book as Dr. Bill Egner guides you and connects each story to Jesus and your life today.


  • Habits of Grace
    Growing and maintaining a relationship with God boils down to a few key concepts which you’ll learn from Dr. Doug Cecil.
  • 8 Essential Questions
    You Need to Know the Answer To
    The class teaches the why behind everything we believe about God, Jesus and the Bible.
  • Created for Action
    Figure out how God has uniquely gifted you to serve! The class is all online and ready for you.
  • Your Work Matters
    A six-week class about six-week class about faith and work that’s led by a group of men and women working in multiple Fort Worth industries. 
  • re|engage
    Whether you would rate the current state of your marriage as a two or a 10, re|engage is an experience that will help you strengthen your relationship with your spouse.
  • How People Change
    Dive deep into the transformative truth of Jesus’ work on the cross and how it targets our hearts, core desires and motivations. You’ll discover that when our hearts change, our behaviors change as well.
  • Overwhelmed
    Explore what it looks like to deal with fear, stress and anxiety when you don’t always feel so “spiritual.”
  • Relational Wisdom
    An eight-part class designed to teach you how to improve your ability to develop authentic, enjoyable, productive, and lasting relationships.
  • Thrive
    Thrive is a Christ-centered discipleship program that takes people to the root of sin and suffering and leads us to embrace the freedom found only in Christ’s finished work on our behalf.
  • I’m Not Angry, I’m Just …
    Learn what the Bible prescribes for the troublesome emotion of anger in a two-part class.
  • Toxic Emotions
    Bitterness, anxiety, depression, regret and embarrassment are all feelings that can barge in, boss us around and wreak havoc in our lives and relationships. The key is understanding these emotions and what God has to say about them.
  • Making Disciples
    As complicated and confusing as our Christian life can be, the mission is simple: be a disciple who makes disciples.

Leadership Development

Discover your calling, develop your gifts, deploy for ministry


Maybe you know you want to be in church ministry. Maybe you have no idea. That works! The whole point of the Young Adult Residency is taking 10 months to really figure out who God is, who He made you to be and how He’s calling you to live.

Applications are open! Here’s how the process works:

  • Applications due April 30
  • Interviews conducted March – May 2021
  • Selections made May 2021
  • Residency will begin August 2021 and end June 2022

Residency Frequently Asked Questions

Young Adult Residents should have a deep love for Jesus! This 10-month, multi-tiered program is for the Christ follower who has the desire to grow, to develop, and to deepen their knowledge of, relationship with, and love for God within an tight-knit community. It’s an amazing opportunity for the new believer or for the spiritually mature. We can’t wait to receive your application!

Yes! Residents follow a regular week-to-week schedule with their classes, ministry responsibilities and biblical counseling.

Yes. In fact, let us know if you are interested in a part-time job — we’d be happy to help connect you to potential work opportunities. It’s important to remember that any part-time job cannot conflict with your residency schedule.

Christ Chapel Leadership Residency

(in partnership with Dallas Theological Seminary)

The Christ Chapel Leadership Residency (CCLR) is a residency that blends the mission and vision of Christ Chapel Bible Church (CCBC) with the world-class education of Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Together our purpose is to educate and equip the next generation of church leaders to fulfill their calling in vocational ministry. CCLR exists to fill the gap between seminary education and hands-on ministry experience.

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