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Something's Off

A Young Adult Podcast

About this series:

In theory, the Church should be a model of what cultural flourishing looks like. Yet, so often the people and relationships within the Church are just as broken and messy as they are anywhere else. Join us for candid conversations on where we’ve gotten off track as the Church and how we use God’s Word to start moving in the right direction. Welcome to Something’s Off.

Season 1: Relationships

Have you ever thought about the fact that people in the Church should have the healthiest relationships? After all, you’ve got a room full of people trying to look like Jesus. In theory, relationships in the Church should be marked by love, grace, and sacrifice. Yet, so often they are just as messy and broken as they are anywhere else.

We decided that’s not OK, so we sat down with some of our people and just started asking questions in an attempt to figure out where things have gone wrong. If you’ve felt for a while like there’s something off about relationships in the Church, you’re not alone and we’d love to invite you on this journey as we figure out how to do this well.

Something's Off with Singleness: Part 1

We kicked off this series by talking to some single women about their fridges full of save-the-dates, people who treat singleness like a disease, and whether or not singleness is actually a gift.

Season 1 // Episode 1:

Something's Off with Singleness: Part 2

In this episode we talk to some single bros about the pain of rejection, the pressure to know if a person is marriage material, where you take an eternal being created in the image of God to dinner … and we’ll finally answer that question of why amazing, godly girls in the church aren’t getting asked out.

Season 1 // Episode 2:

Something's Off with College Dating Culture

In this episode, we sit down with a few of our college students to talk through hookup culture, expectations vs. reality and how your community can make or break your dating experiences.

Season 1 // Episode 3:

Something's Off with Engagement

In this episode we sit down with a few couples to tackle the ups and downs of engagement. We cover everything from conflict resolution, family dynamics, unmet expectations and throwing a wedding during a global pandemic.

Season 1 // Episode 4:

Something's Off with Marriage

The marriage episode! Because being married solves all of our problems, right? For our final episode this season, we sat down with two married couples and had one of the most honest conversations that spanned the topics of fairness, depression, anxiety, past baggage, sex, and tangled Christmas lights. We discovered that something’s off in marriage, too.

Season 1 // Episode 5:

Something's Off with How the Church Talks About Sex

Something is most definitely off with the way the Church has historically engaged with the topic of sex. Most people get some form of the message: “sex is bad and shameful” or “you just need to save it for love.” However, the reality is that our God has created us to be sexual beings; And that God has also given us clear, counter-cultural instructions on how to best engage sex. So, in a hookup culture full of swiping left and right—and not to mention a culture where it’s seen as irresponsible to get married before living together—how do we honor the fact that God has made us sexual while engaging sex in the correct way? Join the conversation to find out what we think.

Season 1 // Episode 6 (bonus):


Resources Mentioned in Season 1:

Take another step toward a deeper knowledge of how God made you.
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The type of community our podcast guests shared about can be found at Renovate! Join us.
Get on the same path in your relationship – whether you're married or almost there!

Season 1 Hosts:

Josh Storie

Host and Young Adult Teaching Pastor

Brooke Seale

Co-host, Episodes 2-3 + Renovate Women's Director

Ben Fuqua

Co-host, Episode 3 + Young Adult Pastor

Robert Newberry

Co-host, Episode 4 + Renovate Men's Director

Michael Koiner

Co-host, Episode 5 + Young Couples Director

Audio engineered and original music written and produced by Richard Shafer.

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