In being adopted by God, we can have a confidence knowing that we're His children and He is our father. Likewise, we can have unique unity with other believers who are now our siblings through Jesus Christ. In Galatians 3:26-4:7, Paul shows us that those who are “in Christ” are adopted by the Father. And this adoption is something that we are challenged to walk confidently in, rather than revert back to our old lives of slavery to the world. We are also shown how unity with our father should produce unity with our siblings (other believers). We hope your are challenged and encouraged by this unbelievable grace and truth we are called to live out.

Ben Fuqua

About Ben Fuqua

I was raised in a home that loved and modeled the Gospel and was introduced to Christ at a young age. Although I was a pretty good “keeper of the religious rules” growing up, I realize more and more each day just how wicked and weak my flesh really is and how absolutely in need I am of Christ’s saving grace. God’s grace in my life, through the work of Jesus Christ, is not only the most important thing that has happened to me but also the only thing that gives my living actual life. Every good thing I experience is by God’s grace. In the spring of 2008 a pastor named Joey Turner, who remains one of my heroes to this day, invited me to come and worship at Christ Chapel. My wife and I both felt the Spirit of God doing something remarkable here and we wanted to be a part of what our God was doing, so in May of the same year I accepted a job as the Fifth+Sixth Pastor. In 2011 I got the opportunity to take over the college ministry and start our Christ Chapel outreach to college students at a bar across the street from TCU. Four years later I was able to step into leading our Life Stage Two team which had just launched a broader out reach to any young adults in Fort Worth who were looking for Christ-centered community. That ministry is called Renovate and we still gather every Wednesday night in the chapel. There have been several hats I have had the privilege to wear on staff and our family has been blessed tremendously by how God has used this church to show me more of Himself. My wife Danielle and I have been married since 2007 and she is the greatest earthly blessing in my life. She is my partner in ministry as well as in life. We have two sons (Charlie and Miles) who are our greatest little ministry. We love what we get to do for His kingdom and are so constantly grateful that He uses imperfect people for his perfect glory.