Rebuilding Amidst Mystery

About this time last year, I stumbled upon a story I’d never read in the Bible before. It’s about a grieving widow from a town called Nain. Luke writes (chapter […]

2021 – Resolve. Refocus. Refresh.

Resolution. It’s a word that makes me cringe. Perhaps it’s due in part to my past attempts — and synonymous failures might I add — at self-improvement by the onset […]

Why We Celebrate Christmas Today

When I was young, our elementary school celebrated with a Christmas play. One year I got to be the donkey in the stable. My teacher gave me a line to […]

Still Grateful – Thanksgiving 2020

Happy almost-Thanksgiving! As we prep for smaller meals and quieter gatherings this week, we wanted to take some time to remember that there are still so many reasons to be […]

How to Celebrate in 2020

How do we celebrate in a year that has held a wide, vast stretch of experiences that will forever be remembered as 2020? Who here feels like February 2020 was […]

There Will Be Pie

This may be the one-millionth time you’ve heard this, but this year has had so many unknowns. Each and every one of us have had plans cancelled, postponed and/or completely […]