How to Celebrate in 2020

How do we celebrate in a year that has held a wide, vast stretch of experiences that will forever be remembered as 2020? Who here feels like February 2020 was […]

There Will Be Pie

This may be the one-millionth time you’ve heard this, but this year has had so many unknowns. Each and every one of us have had plans cancelled, postponed and/or completely […]

What Links Us Together

I’ll admit it: the word “ordinance” isn’t exactly exciting to me. It sounds like rule following and multi-step checklists and …. yep, that was my mind wandering away just there. […]

Who Lifts Up Your Arms

Community is hard for me because I’m an introvert. Painful even. I prefer the solitude of my garden, playing with my dogs, and loving on my husband and kids. I […]

The Compelling Power of Compassion

Do you see yourself as a compassionate person? I’ve been asking myself this question routinely this year. The self-assessment began in connection to work I was doing in therapy, but […]

Two Paths

I grew up in a neighborhood that once was farmland owned by an old and weathered man named Hank. Everything about our neighborhood was new … except for Hank. Though […]

To Be A Leader, You Must First ….

I recently wrote an article for an aviation magazine in which I discussed leadership principles for professional pilots — a subject with a sometimes-severe background. The most deadly accident in […]

Home Group Q&A Pandemic-Style

I’ll be honest — someone had to practically twist my arm before I joined a home group eight years ago, but you know what? It changed my life. No, that […]

Rest and Other Labor Day Lessons

It’s Labor Day, which hopefully means that you’re reading this while resting in some way, shape or form. If you’ve heard it once in the last six months, you’ve certainly […]