Ted was first introduced to a personal relationship with Christ at 16. As the Pastor of Leadership Development, Ted builds into Christ Chapel’s young leaders, preparing them for the future God has called them to. Prior to assuming his current role, Ted was the senior pastor of Christ Chapel for more than 35 years, tenaciously preaching the Bible with Monday-morning relevance. He began his ministry career with Young Life, an experience through which he met his wife, Lynn. Ted holds Masters degrees from Southwestern Theological Baptist Seminary and Dallas Theological Seminary, where he later returned for his Ph.D. He lives his favorite verse, Romans 8:1 with exuberance, reminding anyone who will listen that “There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Ted also has a penchant for wedding cake that is perhaps only surpassed by his love for the outdoors – he’s even lived to tell the tale of escaping bears while fishing in Alaska.