Growing up, I tried to excel in school, sports and even my morals. However, I continued to run into the same problem: I could never be good enough. When I was 16, I realized that being a Christian didn’t mean that you were good enough, but that Jesus Christ was perfect and died for your sins, and that you could be completely accepted by God by trusting in His Son. On April 21, 1998, I placed my trust in Jesus Christ and was freed from my guilt of never being good enough and I was given a new life, freedom and future in Jesus Christ.

I was first introduced to Christ Chapel through one of my professors at Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Doug Cecil had just begun working at Christ Chapel the year prior to my graduation and after having a couple of classes together, he asked me what I planned to do after graduation. He must have had pity on me, because when I told him that I didn’t know, he asked for my résumé. The rest is history – I came to Christ Chapel after graduating from DTS with my Master of Theology degree. A few years later while on staff, I returned to DTS to complete the Doctorate of Ministry program and in that time, served as the Life Stage 2 Pastor before becoming the Teaching Pastor and, later, West Campus Pastor.

My wife, Jen, and I live in Parker County with our two sons, Dax and Hayes. In our free time, when we aren’t chasing the boys, Jen and I enjoy being outside, reading and spending time together. And when it comes to sports, although I went to Baylor and will always cheer on the Bears, I’ve found myself rooting for TCU because happy friends are more fun to be around.