What does it mean when the Bible says, "Walk by the Spirit"? This is something that sounds good and we can all nod our heads at, but what does this actually look like? The fact of the matter is that we either walk in the flesh or by the Spirit, and our lives usually show which is one true for ourselves. Nathan makes sense of Galatians 5:16-26 and details how this truth plays out in our everyday lives.

Nathan Sanchez

About Nathan Sanchez

Growing up I had been to church and was considered a leader that friends looked up to and parents/teachers praised. I was incredibly loved by my family and involved in seemingly everything from the soccer team to drum line. It wasn’t until my freshman year at TCU and a summer on staff at Laity Lodge Youth Camp that I really heard, understood and embraced the gospel. I realized then that there was an empty void in my heart and that it was beyond broken, and there was nothing I could do that would fill or fix it. It was then that I came to know Jesus personally, as my Savior and my Lord, and have been chasing after Him with a heart-made-whole ever since. Soon after, I stumbled into a bar on a Sunday morning and found Christ Chapel (don’t worry, that’s where the college ministry was held at the time). It was there that I really got plugged into this church and soon became a member of the Young Adult Residency, which led me to becoming the 5th-8th Grade Associate Pastor. My wife, Lexi, and I met at TCU through an organization called YoungLife and got married in May of 2019. We love good food, good coffee and everything outdoors, from runs and riding bikes to backpacking and rock climbing.