Are you confused about your circumstances? Paul asks not that our circumstances would change, but that we grow in intimacy with God instead. God meets us in His Word as we pray there with Him, and it's where the Spirit reveals our hope, worth and power so we rise encouraged and inspired.

About Dr. Jonathan Murphy

Dr. Jonathan Murphy comes to Christ Chapel from a variety of places. While born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he was raised in the Canary Islands, Spain, and educated in Northern Ireland, Edinburgh (Scotland), and Dallas, Texas! Such cross-cultural exposure has nurtured a diverse range of interests from cheering for Ulster in rugby and Spain in soccer to enjoying all things related to history and a love for God’s people all over the world. Jonathan pastored in Northern Ireland before joining Dallas Theological Seminary as Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries. His heart beats to encourage and shape leaders for the local church worldwide. He and his wife, Sarah Jane, have four children.