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Table of Contents

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Rest and Other Labor Day Lessons

Table of Contents

It’s Labor Day, which hopefully means that you’re reading this while resting in some way, shape or form. If you’ve heard it once in the last six months, you’ve certainly heard it, uh, one million times: this year is like nothing any of us have experienced before. There have been major interruptions and upheavals to regularly scheduled life, and while we’ve definitely spent more time at home, things feel more restless ever, right? We are adjusting and waiting, stretching and rethinking, breathing deep and planning again. We’re also having heavy-lifting, important conversations across culture, industries, communities and dinner tables. In the midst of it all, rest is so needed.

We recently asked on Christ Chapel’s Instagram account what everyone has been learning in the midst of all this year has brought. Before sharing some of the responses we received, I thought I’d share something that I’m learning: a new level of rest.

Rest in the shape of no plans on the calendar. Rest in the shape of less options to choose from. Rest in simple things like flowers on the table, a podcast listened to while lying flat on my back on the floor, a walk with the soundtrack of the world playing around me. Mostly though, rest from the inaccurate impression that I’m in control. In its place, I’m finding rest in the fact that the sun will rise again and with it, God will be there to walk with me in another (probably wildly unpredictable) day.

So, -ology reader, I hope you find some rest today — in your thinking, in your doing. At home, on a walk, in time spent with someone you love. May you find rest today in knowing that the earth will continue to spin because Christ is holding it all together (Colossians 1:17). That in Him we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). That nothing can separate you from God’s love (Romans 8:31-39). That Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and that He will see you through to the end (Matthew 28:20).

Now without further ado, a few things other people have been learning during the 2020 quarantine:

-My Bible is the best thing to read! Keeps me sane during all this craziness! -@garrett613

-The meaning of “Sabbath,” a day of REST! -@emily.kirk4

-Time with family is a blessing and necessity is indeed the mother of invention -@amberlymaynard

-How to survive being a parent of two littles … and work from home full time while studying for my boards! -@jakoiner

-To be thankful and linger with the Lord and that trust in Him is key! -@michaelannep

-Waiting for God does not mean waiting for your plan. It’s waiting for His. -@_rosehaven_

-How to meal plan with less frequent trips to the grocery store -@christycurtistx

-I love my family! -@momzgreat

-I get too comfortable not being involved. @carolyn_power_

-Contentment can come from simplicity -@hrhgilmore

-That connecting with family and friends doesn’t have to be in person! Bingo Zoom rocks. -@donnafloyd54

Brandon Lutz

Brandon Lutz

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