Date Night October

October is here and we’re pretty PUMPed … especially since pumpkins are beginning to crop up everywhere! Let’s take this cooler weather as an opportunity to slow down a bit and enjoy the one we’re with.

Important Date Prep: A day or two before your date, take some time to read through the plan below. If you’re leaving the house for your date, you may want to prep by printing out the Oc-To-Be-Mine calendar and mixing up your muffins for dessert before you leave.

The Plan for Your Date: Guys, take the lead here. Are you making reservations to go out somewhere? Are you doing curbside to-go? Delivery? Cooking something at home? Make those plans now. Then when you’re ready to start your date, proceed with the fun below!

Part 1: If you’re driving to dinner, this is a fun game to play on the way or during appetizers. If you’ve chosen to stay at home, use this as a conversation starter as you wait for your food to be cooked or delivered.

In this game, you’ll each choose which of two items you prefer. Do you agree? Disagree? Have some healthy conflict! Twist: Try answering for your significant other and let them tell you if you were right!

Airplane -OR- Road trip

Camper -OR- Tiny home

Cool Ranch Doritos -OR- Nacho Cheese Doritos

Scrapbooking -OR- Food blog

Go out -OR- Stay in

Breakfast tacos -OR- All other tacos

Denim -OR- Stretch pants

South Padre -OR- Corpus Christi

Bowl of ice cream -OR- Popsicle

Birdwatching -OR- Fishing

Dark chocolate -OR- Milk chocolate

Spaghetti -OR- Lo mein

Rodeo -OR- Football

Back rub -OR- Foot rub

Book -OR- Movie


Have you ever wondered what the super musical guys who lead worship at Christ Chapel’s contemporary services listen to on date night? Well, wonder no longer! The team has come up with their favorite autumn date tracks for you to play as the soundtrack for your own date!

To listen to the official Date Night playlist on Spotify, click here.

Part 2: Questions to talk about over dinner:

  1. What’s something you miss the most about our dating relationship when we were first together?
  2. Why do you think it’s awkward for couples to pray together? Is it awkward for you to think about us praying together as a couple? Why do you think that is?
  3. If we do one of these dates a month for 12 months, what do we want to get out of this time investment?

Part 3: With dinner winding down, it’s time for some planning and a fun activity!

Click the “Download” button below to get the calendar and page of sticky notes you’ll need for this activity. (If you’re out of the house, hopefully you’ve already printed it out and brought it with you along with some scissors and tape/glue. If not, that’s ok! You can come back to this activity when you get home.) Once you’re ready, proceed with the instructions below.

Oc-To-Be-Mine is all about picking activities that you and your boo can do together this month to intentionally show love to one another. Pick your favorite challenges from the document and tape/glue them to different days on your October calendar. Then put the calendar in a place you’ll both see every day so you’ll be reminded to complete each challenge.

Part 4: Sweets time! Since it’s finally October, head home (or keep the at-home date going)  and bake something that feels like fall. This can be a late-night dessert or something you save for the morning as a fall breakfast treat. We’ve included a pumpkin pecan muffin recipe below if you want an idea or something new to try. (Pro tip: If you’re going the dessert route, toss a couple handfuls of chocolate chips into the batter … you’ll thank us later.)

our favorite pumpkin pecan muffins

Part 5: While your muffins are in the oven, take some time to practice praying together as a couple. Here’s an example of how you can get into this. Husbands, you take the lead here:

  • Be honest with each other about your view of prayer. Is it something you think works? Is it something you do on your own? How often do you talk to God? (Practice grace and patience if your significant other shares something you disagree with. Let us know if you need some help here!)
  • Tell each other what you have been talking to God about, or what you’d like to talk to God about.
  • Hold hands and begin talking to God. Start by praying for the other person from your vantage point. Share how you see them, and also ask for “new eyes” to see them the way God does.
  • Pray for the things they just shared with you; what they are talking to God about/want to talk to God about.
  • Finally, pray for yourself. Be totally honest with God in front of your spouse.

How was that? Be honest with each other about how you felt that went. It’s not going to feel natural if you aren’t used to doing it — and that’s ok! We’re going to help you get better about praying together as a couple this year during our date night series, so keep at it!

Part 6: Is there anything you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you and be there for you as you continue to grow your marriage. Here’s a link to an anonymous survey so we can understand what needs you might have, what challenges you’re facing and how we can help.

As part of our Family Focused ministry vision, we’ll be continuing these dates once a month! Go ahead and save Friday, Nov. 13 as your next CCBC Date Night. We’ll send you updates as the date gets closer, but you can also always check our events page and Instagram for more info.