Who Lifts Up Your Arms

Community is hard for me because I’m an introvert. Painful even. I prefer the solitude of my garden, playing with my dogs, and loving on my husband and kids. I […]

The Compelling Power of Compassion

Do you see yourself as a compassionate person? I’ve been asking myself this question routinely this year. The self-assessment began in connection to work I was doing in therapy, but […]

Two Paths

I grew up in a neighborhood that once was farmland owned by an old and weathered man named Hank. Everything about our neighborhood was new … except for Hank. Though […]

To Be A Leader, You Must First ….

I recently wrote an article for an aviation magazine in which I discussed leadership principles for professional pilots — a subject with a sometimes-severe background. The most deadly accident in […]

October Date Night

Date Night October October is here and we’re pretty PUMPed … especially since pumpkins are beginning to crop up everywhere! Let’s take this cooler weather as an opportunity to slow […]