What to Ask This Week

Is there an internal gnawing you can’t shake? Do you feel like something is missing? Is your soul experiencing an ache? Me too. When we’re in the office regularly, we […]

Defining True Accountability

Were any of y’all THAT kid? The kid that grew up going to summer camp and talked about it way too much for way too many years? Confession: I’m still […]

God Cannot Be Missed

“Go outside daily.” Those exact words arrived in a recent email sent to me by my doctor’s office. I’d already heard them dozens of times though. All the experts, and […]

Shelter in Peace Date Night 3

Shelter in Peace Date Night 3 Let’s be honest: we’ve probably never spent so much time at home. Seriously, couples and families everywhere are breaking world records for uninterrupted time […]

Motherhood Through Corona

As we approach Mother’s Day, I feel sure many mommas will agree Motherhood through Corona has been both sanctifying and sweet. Our reasons behind these sentiments will certainly vary, but […]