Relationship Q&A: Who Takes the Lead?

We’re still in our series answering questions from the relationship panel! This week, we’re looking at questions that have to do with taking the lead in dating. As always, if […]

Conquering the Quiet Time

Just so you know, you’re not the only one who struggles with a consistent quiet time (“Quiet time” is a common term used in evangelical circles to describe their time […]

Relationship Q&A: Dealing with the Past Here’s the official first entry in our relationship q&a series! Each week we’ll be posting a few of the answers to questions we’ve been asked. If you want to […]

Take a Look …

Every Friday       in a perfect world       I like to have a post with random, interesting articles that I’d recommend you take a look at. So enjoy […]

Modern Romance

  If you don’t know who Aziz Ansari is, I feel bad for you. Because even if you’re not into his stand-up comedy or his movies, that means you’ve never […]

The Conviction to Lead: A Review

This is a guest blog post by Robert Bember. Robert is the Communications Director for Beta Upsilon Chi and is a leader in the Young Adult Ministry at Christ Chapel.  […]

I Am a Faithless Bride

Ezekiel 16 might be one of the most convicting chapters of Scripture for me. The prophet uses some intense, graphic imagery to describe the faithlessness and idolatry of Israel. If […]